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The house is situated in the middle of village of Yagodina. People here are very friendly and you can endjoy the traditional Bulgarian hospitality.
The house is convenient and adapted for family holidays. The children can enjoy themselves near the river of they can go fishing in the cristal clear mountain streams.
Отвори снимката
The house has four double rooms and one apartment which are for rent. At the disposal of the guests is the tavern with 16 places and a fireplace, TV with cable television and guarded parking lot.

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Doctor Rosen Shalakov and his lovely wife will prepare the moust fasty rodopean dishes. Here you can try the gifts of Rodopi Mountain - a Mursalian tea, a forest-cherry jam, a patetnick, a kachamack, rodopean beans, double destilled grape-brandy, cheese made from the milk of sheep and yoghourt which are made of ecological clear products.  
Отвори снимката
You can order "cheverme" for grous over 8 people. There possibility for many activities - to go for a stroll in the surrounding area or to peak "St. Ilia" and many others...
  Curious fact is that the house was built in 1995 and one of the workers was the oldest man in the village - Liuben Terziev who was 111 years old.
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